About Me

I'm a painter based in the South West of England. 


Practically brought up with a paintbrush in my hand I can’t imagine a world where I don’t enjoy applying paint to surface. 

I usually refer to my work as 'expressionistic landscapes and seascapes'. I enjoy the imperfections, discovering and exaggerating them where possible making the journey itself the most important part of the process. Each painting usually has a carefully selected colour palette which creates a sense of atmosphere and emotion.

My other style of painting is more intended and almost child like. I call these 'my impressions'. 

Also a photographer - my photographs inspire my paintings and help me to visualise atmosphere, time and emotion whilst I paint. ​

Visit my photography website by visiting www.marlyjacksonphotography.co.uk.


Marly Jackson Artworks  |  marlyjackson@yahoo.co.uk 

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